Monday, January 28, 2008

Cut Your Electricity Bill... For Months To Come

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This saving of electricity really works, here at home we run 3 computers, but after setting up 'LocalCooling' the energy they consume is cut to the extent we only run 1.75 computers and there is no loss in the operating efficiency on any of them at all!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Morning Dear Reader... 'Here's your coffee'

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A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

'Bugs Bunny' / 'Tom & Jerry' / 'Roadrunner'

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Ok, 'Bugs Bunny' is a bit violent I know...  But Elmar Thudd and other cartoon baddies in it are always back to themselves in a matter of seconds to have another go at catching 'Bugs'

 'Tom & Jerry' are not much different on the violence stakes either...  All sorts of horrible things happen to 'Tom' every episode, he's always better within seconds as well.

Poor old 'Wile E Coyote' forever chasing 'Roadrunner', he is technically killed at least 6 if not more times an episode...  But he really does catch 'Roadrunner' in the end believe it or not, even though it takes years of episodes to do so... 

Which brings me to my frustration. Why, after 65 odd years of being treated to death and destruction on a regular episodic basis are such animated cartoons cited as inducing violence and inciting said in the so called 'youth' today? Yet these cartoons can only be seen on 'YouTube' and the likes in so many Country's now. Yet Computer Games, where you have to deliberately 'Steal', 'Kill', 'Rob' , 'Maim' , 'Blow Up', is one allowed to do these and other such despicable acts to others, sometimes while 'Playing' against others on networked 'Games'. Carry on being allowed and called harmless?

The former mentioned cartoons did not do so, or boost the crime figures through the ceiling, or produce 'Copy Cat' violence etc on 'Real People' as the degenerates of today do, totally unable to unplug their minds from illusion at the right time, believing they can live as the 'Games' teach them, as they unleran reality and learn anti-social skills by 'Playing' and 'Living these games. Society loses heavily. Crime goes up, Fear of todays youth goes up, Trust in said plummets and society loses out 'Big-Time'. So what is the difference between the two items?

Answer is 'Money', loads of it! There is far more generated income from violent computer games in the form of taxes for Governments and Profits for companies than in the 65 year old cartoons. Sod the individual, 'Fill the nations coffers' with blood money please, we make more for wasting than the cost of damage done by them, money first, individuals last, greed is far more important, besides it makes it easier to control the masses if we let the degenerates bully, frighten and scare the decent people into being mice, makes it easier all round and ensures job security for the 'Boy's as well'. Who cares if the youth of today play these games all the time, then get the fixation in their tiny minds that it isn't a game, that it is really reality.

The powers that be don't care, so perhaps we should!

Answers on a postcard (or email) please.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Its Official - Blog Mascot Now In Residence

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This Blog now has a 'Mascot'

'Scamp' can be reached at his own email address...  feel free to send me email bones to chew.

Wruff Woof Wruff!

I'm also Peter's website mascot as well.


A, B, Catch you later dear reader

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Know Any Good Excuses?

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The excuse we come up with are many and varied, the trouble is we are so used to hearing them that, we either ignore them, or disbelieve them fullstop.

The other side of the coin is amusingly unamusing, each generation has original excuses of its own, (so they believe at the time) but we have heard and used them all before.

Now here is where the fun begins, 'So-n-so' tells 'whoever' that this excuse always works, so 'whoever' tells it to 'another', but the resulting feeble excuse fails miserably because 'another' has used it themselves in their dark past, won the excuse battle and now daily holds power over others. Result, grief for 'whoever' who vows never to use that excuse again.

The honest 'guy' or 'gal' suffers in the long run, because they are honest, vainly looking for an excuse so 'unique' they can claw their way up the ladder of deviousness to a better life and control over others.

The expert excuse givers, go on to become to become... Politicians, Defence Lawyers, Gang leaders, Bankers, Insurance Salesmen, Company Directors, in fact anyone who knows expertly how not to break the law, instead how far the laws can be bent to their advantage without them 'snapping' or 'breaking'.

Do excuses work? Sometimes! Does honesty pay? Always in the long run, well worth the wait, those who bend excuses always fall in the end, even the asbestos suitcase brigade run out of luck in the end.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photovideo - Relax Its Only Water Pt 3 Published

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Relax Its Only Water Pt 3 - Winter Walk.

Can be found here...


A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friends - Can you afford to delete them?

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Can you afford to reject and delete potential friends, without a second thought?

Can you afford to think and believe that you know it all, that you know enough people already to deliberately snub others because you are better than they are, the hand of friendship you bite, reject or abuse, even all three, could so easily provide, in the coming days, that snippet of information, expertise, advice, even a smile when down. The very item, thing or solace you need.

Just because you believe you have everything around you and everyone you want, is no time to adopt an anti-social stance without a second thought. Your future could and can be improved, so can the hand proffered in friendship you have so blantantly bitten. Think!

One can never have enough friends, Remember this, those you look down on now, will get great enjoyment in the coming days, as you pass them on the way down from your pedestal in the future, it could be next week, or next month, but it will most certainly happen to you.

Where will the majority of those so called friends you have now be? Protecting themselves from the fall-out of your collapse, that's where.

The friend you rejected so easily in the past, could also be the one that could have halted your demise and crash to earth from happening. You can never have too many friends. A smile, kind word, encouragement works wonders, how many of those who helped you get where you are today, do you actually know now?

Or have you deliberately used, abused and rejected them as a waste of space now that you are 'Better thanthem'. You have a problem if so, no oneis better than anyone else.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Ice Cream - Coffee - Crime

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Recently it came to my attention that ice cream sales have a direct correlation with crime in large cities. When sales of ice cream rise, so do crime rates. Is there really something to this? Is it the same with coffee? If it is on the other spectrum of the food scale (hot opposed to cold) could people buying more coffee reduce crime instead? Thousands of robberies happen during peak times when ice cream is being sold. So to off balance this amount, coffee productions or any other type of heated caffeinated drink should be upped to match the demand of the icy cold treats. If enough people begin to drink coffee, we could stop crime altogether in its tracks.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Late Here, or Is It Early?

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Its been one of those days where the hours seem to have been metricated, result of which they only have 50 instead of 60 minutes, most annoying when they limit you to the same 24 hours that everyone else with nothing to do, things to get, or any other construct destructive, whatever.

So who has nicked the missing minutes? Several associates as well as myself, have all lost these 10 minute chunks today, yes I know exam season is here and exams to invigilate, papers to mark, resits to arrange with those wonderful students already suffering from amnesia and other confused states so where are our minutes? Thats 4 hours missing today, more exams this weekend and even more confusing, when this blog is posted, it will be 01:20 here, but the time stamp at AOL will be 2 hours earlier, that makes a 6 hour loss!

Yes I do feel younger, even if a little greyer than a few days ago.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is it? Or is it not?

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This entry is here below, or is it? Let your neuron decide, as you watch the white cat, in the snow storm chasing a white ball of wool, first into a snow drift, which the white cat can't see in the wild white blizzard of snow, or find that it has lost the white ball of wool, just missing the shiny white teeth of a big white dog with a white nose as it is an albino, also lost in the snow chasing another white cat that was chasing a white football, that got bigger in the snow as it stuck to the white ball on its travels into the white snow drift.











Overflowing snow took the sides of the frame away, as for the white cat, the white dog, the white ball and the other white cat, lost in the snow, we will have to wait for the thaw in a few months to seeif they are still there or not.

Life can be so 'White' and pure it is actually 'Black' reality.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Urgent Inventions Needed...

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These inventions (among others) could make life a lot easier

Eggs with 'Zips' especially for boiling.

Non sock eating washing machines or tumble driers.

Continental quilt covers that never turn themselves inside out.

Jokes with sell-by-dates that don't pop up in every generation.

Un-invention for unwanted gagets cluttering everyones cupboards.

An 'Off' switch for Mother-in-laws.

Teenagers that do not know it all.

Self cleaning spectacles/with wiper attachment for rain.

Electric & Gas meters that go into reverse during cold weather.

Pre-programmed Shopping trolleys that do as they are told.

Cold cures that really do work.

Letter box with shredder attachment for household bills.

Remote control detector that finds them before the program ends.


A, B, Catch you later dear reader.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nice Weekend - No Rest At All :-)

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Well Monday is looming larger and larger as I type, quiet weekend of tutoring, reading lots of lovely heavy non-fiction, fending off questions re an end of course exam on Tuesday and setting of said. Even my dreams are a couple of days (or nights) late at the moment.

Photoshoot for a forth coming 'New' photovideo, socialising last night over a Chinese, prepared by a Chinaman in a Romanian restrauant, staffed by Hungarians and eaten by 'A crazy Brit' even 'Crazier Frenchie' and my better half? along with her best mate. Truly a meal of 'International Proportions'.

Found time to drop you a line or three, whilst checking a mountain of 'junk mail' that could be of interest, as usual it isn't, if the headline doesn't grab my attention, it is 'Zapped', they never get opened, computer nasties have a habit of getting in this way.

 Back to the grind again, can have a rest tomorrow (no doubt an illusion)

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Found it at last!!!!!!!!! - The Internet has an END!

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Found it at last!

The last link on the internet!

Here it is, there is nothing at all after this, but to power down and go to bed for

a long long long sleep.


A, B, Catch you later dear reader. (If you haven't powered down that is.)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why? Why? Why?

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Why is the longest day, always the one before payday?

Why when waiting for public transport is it always late, but on time when we are late?

Why does the person nearest school or work always arrive late?

Why is a holiday always needed after a holiday?

Why do we enjoy fixing something that is not broken?

Why when we have loads to do, is the day reduced by several hours?

Why do we mistrust those that give us compliments, assuming they want something in return?

Why are there so many cases of 'Sods Law' in our lives?

Why are there so many questions and not enough answers at the right time?

Why are pessimists so optimistacally sure of themselves?


A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Neuron Attack - Thinking Can Be...

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Little gems collected over a short period, some are from others, some are not.

some word amendments have been made in a few lines.


In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties and nations, it is the rule.


Whatever the tortures of hell, I think the boredom of heaven will be even worse.


Live as if your will die tomorrow. Learn as if you are going to live forever.


Words aren't the only things that tell people what you are thinking.


One has to pay dearly for immortality; so one has to die several times to be alive.


You do not have a soul, you are a soul, and you have a body while you are here.


The moment you give into fear is the time to start the countdown to your own death.


When you die, all your unshared knowledge will die with you.


The snob looking down on you now, will look up to you as they pass you on the way down.


The higher we soar the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.


A second to meet, a minute to like, an hour to love and a lifetime to forget them.


Love me for my mind not my body, play with my body not my mind.


Whenever they burn books, they will also--in the end--burn and kill people.


We don’t have to visit an asylum to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institute of the universe.


The biggest Political asylum in this country is... The Palace of Westminster.


I can resisteverything except temptation. Where is it?


If I die today let it be for something good, not of something or someone bad.


One owes respect to the living. To the dead one always owes the truth.


I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.



A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Clean Air Lunacy Attack!

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Ok, who's the comedian? Who decided to overkill on smoking in public to protect passive smokers, who feels it is everyones interest to motion a bill to ban smoking at the bus stops here?

Quite an easy one to answer really, It was a poor demented individual who was totally lost without their mobile private coffin, who discovered that they couldn't smoke on public transport here, shame on you, how lazy are you, that you have to spend a bit of time on a bus, because all the ashtrays are full in your mobile coffin, so it has gone to the garage for a day or two so that the ashtrays can be emptied by professional cleaners.

Hang on a tic, don't you realise that whilst you are deprived of your smoking in the car habit, you are actually ingesting a larger amount of chemicals and toxins from your fellow motorists who know how to empty their ashtrays, more chemicals and toxins than you normally smoke in a month, others ingest every day, waiting for buses / trolleys or trams. Just because you can't smoke for a day or two in your car, why take it out on those who do not have cars, or are not old enough to drive? Because you are self-centered, thats why. Your exhaust fumes kill more of all age groups far more than a cigarette or two whilst waiting for a bus several times a day.

So, Why not always take a bus? Why not encourage more of your self-centered friends to do likewise instead of lauding it over everyone, slowly killingtoddlers in pushchairs, your darling children who forget how to walk further than the car, innocent passengers, in fact all pedestrians, who never drive any where at all. Result, much cleaner air and healthier lives for all.

Grow up please, learn to kill slower with kindness to others, by not relying on your mobile coffin maker, belching exhaust fumes from its dirty unmaintained exhaust every day. A walk to the corner shop will not kill you, but it is definately killing with 'Sod you' others nearly alive today!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Where Am I - Here or There?

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Rather puzzled as to where I am, am I here in Romania? Or am I in the UK? Found out today that some certain party has declared via the electoral roll in the UK that I am still living there at CT11 8QF. Since I left the UK on the 24th August, the form for registering/re-registering on the electoral roll had not been issued, yet some one has deliberately declared I am still living at that address.

This is doubly annoying, as I tried to register as an overseas voter and was told no as I was registered at a UK address, despite Embassy Registration within a fortnight of arriving here, and via independent research confirmed this in their monthly report to me, in November when the new roll is published as well as earlier today in their latest report to me.

So who has gone out of their way to 'Steal' my vote? Is it the same person/persons who also illegally opened mail addressed to me (no permission had been given for anyone to open my mail, therefore a criminal act was commited by them. Interferring with the 'Royal Mail' is still an offence) and stole rather than returning to sender or forwarding as requested, my and my mothers birth certificates, returned addressed to me only from Glasgow Passport Office? Yes, I did check. No they were not returned to sender.

You who ever you are, not only stole my vote, but also my Identity, what other illegal acts have you carried out using my details. Just because I'm a few thousand miles away, does not mean I'm blind or deaf.

Which brings me to a piece of paper signed in my absence, that stated I had to comply with certain extortionate demands and sign to that effect. Silly you, I have the originals with me here, you only have copies, adding bits later is very naughty, extortion with fraud on top in fact, you may have fooled the building society etc, but I am having the last laugh.

Sleep well, I do!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Need A Secretary!

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Wanted! 1 secretary, must be prepared to... and... also... but... never... can... can't... will... won't... has... hasn't... do... don't...

Second or third thoughts, this is more fun and akcurate doing this on my own, more fun as well!

Consider yourself fired before you apply. Normal insanity will be restored for tomorrows edition for shore.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Cars Are Not Boats! 'Period'

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Watched yet again on TV, fools with 'cereal packet driving licenses' causing carnage and chaos on the roads, the same idiots on any road anywhere in the world where a few millimetres of snow or rain have fallen. The same idiots who believe that once they are in their 'steel' or 'aluminium' coffins, can drive around as if they are exempt from the prevailing conditions around them, exempt from being responsible to others as well as themselves.

Yes, you do have a round lump of rubber in each corner, that is on the road, but each bit of rubber is only contacting at any one time, the same area as your sole on the shoe or boot you are wearing at any one time. Can you walk on water? No, of course not, neither can your tyres, driving on snow or wet surfaces is doing just that! You are not on a road at all! You are actually driving on 'Water'!

Your precious metal coffin is floating along the road with an idiot in control of it. More than likely late due to sensible drivers ahead, while you moan and curse them, nattering on your mobile phone, talking to passengers, changing your CD or cassette, indeed as literally does happen, putting on your makeup and eating a snack of some sort. Idiots really do these things every day.

These same idiots always end up taking avoiding actions due to lack of attention on their part, usually causing others to do like wise, but unlike the others who have taken avoiding actions due to the idiot who smudged her lipstick / or dropped his sandwich, they drive (float) of in their metal coffins with no dents in their coffin, angry at the 'fools' that nearly damaged their pride and joy 'coffin'. The idiot that drove his lorry into a ditch because of you shouldn't be on the road, fool his lorry weighs a hell of a lot more than your luxury coffin and he has taken far stricter tests than you, also he can not stop in any driving condition on a 'sixpence' (or any other coin for that matter). That coach driver likewise has stricter tests as well, what about his passengers you have injured?

Or about the pile up behind you due to your stupidity, or the emergency crews involved in clearing your mess up, you literally don't care at all, as long as your metal coffin is not scratched and you reach your destination before you leave in the first place.

Driving a vehicle is not a natural ability, it is a skill to be learnt, relearnt, honed, polished and continually perfected on a daily basis. 'Speed Kills' think about that next time you see a dustpan and brush being used at an accident, it means a 'Death' caused by an idiot like 'You!' Someone later that day receiving a visit from a stranger in uniform telling them that their nearest and dearest will not be coming home any more. I hope its you one day, then perhaps you might start driving like a professional not a complete arsehole!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

To Absent Thoughts - Wherever They Are?

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Well I've been thinking about today's entry, somehow the content is evading my neuron, maybe its on holiday some time on its return I may be able to answer this question, till then who knows? I certainly don't

I think, therefore I am I think, or am I here? Possibly not because I'm also where you are at this moment and will be until you think about something or someone else. So while I'm with you, you are with me, bearing in mind that the time zone I'm in is now and this blog will be visited in later as well as earlier time zones, possibly at exactly the same time as here (or is it there?) then this suggests a primative form of time travel.

You are reading my thoughts from the past, now, or are you reading them before I have even written them, the time stamp on this entry will be 2 hours before I've even written it, so that should give me time to change my entry here, before I've even thought about it in the first place, let alone started to write it.

So in effect I can change your future and mine, by writing this before it is written at a later time and still have it ready for writing before it is read by you, before it is even written, but what about those who read it in the future, can I change it before they read it? Can it be unread while it is written to those in wherever?

The answer is a resounding 'Yes' Time is an illusion, Just like payday in fact, Both are 'Man' made inventions, designed to confuse, control and keep us happy, so who needs 'Time Travel' since 'Time' is artificial?

Is time really a 'Delusion'?

A, B, Catch you later (earlier) dear reader.

New Photovideo Published

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Published Today - London Gatwick to Europe by Air

Clicl this link to view >>> 

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Who, Why, When, Where, What

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Who are we to expect those around us to understand what we are saying and showing if we do not attempt to try to listen or show we have listened to what has been said or learned from another that is or was present?

Why do we know better than another if we do not give or show feedback in response to any matter or matters learnt from another, or prefer to learn from an absent third party, later on rather than those closest to us?

When 'World War 4' has broken out and mutual self destruction has been inflicted on each other, do we decide that the former 2 questions are the correct steps to follow every time?

Where should we go, or try to go once the first 3 questions have been deemed to be correct moves in the first place and confusion is filling any gaps that 'Oil on stormy waters' should be filling?

What should we do next for those we claim to have nearest to us, when we feel that the previous 4 questions should not be acted on or enforced any longer. Instead of acting on them alone, can they be compounded into a new building block so 'Real New Progress' can be made and our 'Old Habits' broken once and for all?

The answer is 'Love' it builds great bridges to the future, but first 'Love' others before yourself, 'Love' yourself before others,without the Chicken there is no Egg, without the Egg there is no Chicken.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader.