Saturday, September 20, 2008

Flying Pedestrians - Death does not become them!

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Flying Pedestrians What wonderful drivers you aren't, so good at being self-centered arrogant and impatient, But before you get upset, there is one thing you are all incredibly good at - Being Impatient - yes, you know who you are, (at this point it is only fair to point out, there are some excellent drivers here in Cluj-Napoca, I counted them earlier today and still had a few spare fingers on my hand) As for the pedestrians among us, how dare you attempt to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing, it is upsetting the jokers in their killing machines (sorry cars) that must get to their destinations before they have even left home several minutes earlier. One such pedestrian (RIP) had the gall to do such an anti-social act, result - I will never have the pleasure of meeting them, or sharing a beer sometime in the future - Another result was, No more Birthday's for them - No more Birthday's to share with their children. - No more Birthday's to share with their wife. - No more Birthday's to share with anyone they know. No more Christmas Celebrations with anyone else either.

As for the killing machine (sorry car) driver, they were more concerned with the damage to their precious machine, than the death's they had caused - 'Yes' deaths, they had ended several lives in a few seconds - physical death for 1 and multiple mental deaths for others at the same time.

This wonderful driver, will have the car repaired, pay the fine, spend a short time in prison, a few points on the license (if it hasn't come from the back of a cereal packet) and go home. Loads of birthdays for them, lots more christmas presents as well, this mass murderer won't give a second thought to the carnage they have caused to several unknown to them people, human beings much better than the killer driver - The multiple victims are now doing a life sentence for them. NO they won't get over it - smart alec remarks like that, will not solve anything in the lives of the victims. Nor the mental impact of the Emergency Service Crews in attendence, or the Police Officer who has to inform the Next-of-kin of your 'Oh' so big brave act you have executed (literally)

I genuinely hope you never loose a loved one and suffer as you have made umpteen family members suffer, getting somewhere before you have even left home, is downright stupid! The Flying Pedestrian also wished to get somewhere as well, their home has been moved by you, from loved ones - to the Cemetary over looking the Town!

Next time you go out in your killing machine (sorry car) drive safer than you do now, it could be a family member of yours that's absent from the meal table tonight!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Non-Recycled Plastic Bottle

Hands up who carefully recycled the plastic bottles they used in the last year - each and everyone of us throws into ever decreasing landfill sites enough plastic bottles for us all to be proud owners of one of these giant footballs!

This is the amount of Plastic Bottles each one of us does not recycle each year, something to be proud of is it not!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!