Thursday, November 27, 2008

Communication - The Three P's

Three not so little words that speak volumes - or do they, do they fall on deaf ears, or kick-start your Neurons?

P Put known knowledge to use effectively.
U Use what you know to learn even more.
R React and respond to questions raised.
P Put your new knowledge to daily use.
O Observe and learn from any mistakes made.
S Seek further advice to learn much more.
E Each day has something new for you to learn.

P Put your thoughts into words.
R Reach out and share with others.
O Observe and help others grow as well.
G Grow your knowledge and experience gradually.
R Remember your weaker areas and improve on them.
E Each day is a clean page in your life.
S Sitting back and criticising others helps no one at all.
S Step in and help others grow as weak areas emerge.

P People do not always say what they see.
E Each one of us is very different from yourself.
R Reach out and share your knowledge with others.
C Care that your message is in not in coded form.
E Each case has similarities that are different in some way.
P Patience when you reveal any new truths to others.
T Time is on your side if you can be patient and have support.
I Instincts and awareness work well together.
O Others may not see as clearly as you do at this time.
N Never forget others may not like your choice of words.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reality is... - Quotes from my Neuron

"Reality is - Fiction turned into Fact."

"Reality is - Waking up and seeing what you could have done would have helped others as well."

"Reality is - Realising that Technology is not the answer to problems, we are the answer to life’s problems."

“Reality is - Recognising that if an element of doubt exists, then you have a starting point for further progress or clarification to begin."

“Reality is - Realising that sharing an opinion is far better than keeping a thought inside your own head.”