Sunday, April 27, 2008

Easter Treat - Diary of a Church Mouse

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          Diary of a Church Mouse

Here among long-discarded cassocks,
Damp stools, and half-split open hassocks,
Here where the Vicar never looks
I nibble through old service books.
Lean and alone I spend my days
Behind this Church of England baize.
I share my dark forgotten room
With two oil-lamps and half a broom.
The cleaner never bothers me,
So here I eat my frugal tea.
My bread is sawdust mixed with straw;
My jam is polish for the floor.
Christmas and Easter may be feasts
For congregations and for priests,
And so may Whitsun. All the same,
They do not fill my meagre frame.
For me the only feast at all
Is Autumn's Harvest Festival,
When I can satisfy my want
With ears of corn around the font.
I climb the eagle's brazen head
To burrow through a loaf of bread.
I scramble up the pulpit stair
And gnaw the marrows hanging there.
It is enjoyable to taste
These items ere they go to waste,
But how annoying when one finds
That other mice with pagan minds
Come into church my food to share
Who have no proper business there.
Two field mice who have no desire
To be baptized, invade the choir.
A large and most unfriendly rat
Comes in to see what we are at.
He says he thinks there is no God
And yet he's rather odd.
This year he stole a sheaf of wheat
(It screened our special preacher's seat),
And prosperous mice from fields away
Come in to hear the organ play,
And under cover of its notes
Ate through the altar's sheaf of oats.
A Low Church mouse, who thinks that I
Am too papistical, and High,
Yet somehow doesn't think it wrong
To munch through Harvest Evensong,
While I, who starve the whole year through,
Must share my food with rodents who
Except at this time of the year
Not once inside the church appear.
Within the human world I know
Such goings-on could not be so,
For human beings only do
What their religion tells them to.
They read the Bible every day
And always, night and morning, pray,
And just like me, the good church mouse,
Worship each week in God's own house,
But all the same it's strange to me
How very full the church can be
With people I don't see at all
Except at Harvest Festival.

by Sir John Betjeman (1906-1984)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Quotes Galore by Me on -

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Felt it would be a wonderful idea to share my quotes with you here, so here we go...

"After you have learnt, copied, mimiced, aped, suffered and reacted to life, how much of the real you is left?"
"A Smile and a few words of comfort can easily move a Forest of worries from anothers mind."
"Opportunity knocks only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell! (Various)"
"Reality is - Waking up and realising the World is not just here for you alone."
"As a fountain of information to those around you, try not to take it with you unshared as you leave this mortal Coil"
"Reality is - Missing the boat because you thought the tide was out."
"Reality is - Waking up realise what you could have done may have helped someone besides you."
"There are no White lies, they are all as Black as night!"
"There is never a bad time to show consideration to others, there is never a good time to inflict your opinion on others."
"A friend is one who knows all about you and likes you anyway"
"A good critic shoots the cowards first and remembers the wounded shouldn't be."
"It doesn't matter how Rich you are, unless you have an Asbestos Suitcase - You can't take it with you."

They and others posted by other Spock people can be found by visiting this address...

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Mouse needs a holiday!

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Poor old mouse, faithfully moving little arrows across my screens, panics when I lose the arrow and clicking like a demented Geiger Counter at various times of the day, so patient as well, despite wearing its little legs to nothing.

After attaching a pedometer to it, discovered how loyal this little mouse is, mousie travels around 4 and a half miles a day, quite a feat for a 3 year old, never complains at all - not even a squeak of complaint to be exact.

Planned a little surprise for it (covered with a tissue at present so it can't read this bit) Taking it to the cinema, to see the Three Mouseketeers, okay tissue off.

By the way, it is true, they don't like cheese, but it has shared a glass of wine a couple of times with me.

That's all for now so - A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Progress - Are we in reverse gear?

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Still playing catch up, reading, researching, blogging, tutoring, walking dogs, surfacing for air now and again, Think I need a secretary? Second thoughts maybe not a good idea, I'll reorganise my timetable then only myself to blame. Or maybe delegate? Ummmmmm I feel a blog coming on........

Well here it is, while browsing the internet a day or so ago, reading, getting a sore finger
, making my mouse extremely dizzy and book marking several sites as well as screen capturing some articles, actually managed to write a couple of paragraphs from the days activity, then....

Suddenly, I realised, what had been achived was the same as the days before the internet, the only difference being....

A lot less turned page corners in the books that had been read, as well as a lot of money saved by not using Library photocopiers....

Is this progress? No, it is or should it be yes it isn't?

Answers on a postcard and not more than 40 words please (if you can remember what a postcard is ;-).

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where's the Day gone ??????????

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The extra hours haven't appeared as needed, and its nearly 18:15 here, still loads to do, at this rate the Sun will have dawned on me before I catch myself up, its disappearing in the West slowly but surely as I type, lovely watery sunset, looks great on the underside of the rainclouds. I know this is shorter than usual, but sadly is the time at this end (emoticon sob goes here)

Back to normal sanity attack at this location real soon, TTFN

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Cat Breaks Regime Rules!

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Snacky 2, the non-conformist new resident here, has a tendancy to ignore the 'Boss', much to her annoyance. Conform and obey rules broken every day by 'Super-Cat'
But much to our amusement at the same time, having a life form here that refuses to comply with the rules and regulations is highly amusing to us.

So what does this cat do? Well first its a TV addict and goes crazy when the cat food adverts are on, the 'Boss' prefers the adverts so gets annoyed accordingly. The habit of having the TV on 24/7 is being broken, not only to try and keep the cat quiet, but its also cutting our electricity bill beautifully as well. (well done 'Super-Cat')

Next it decides that nights are boring, (the 'Boss' doesn't believe they should be awake at night)  Snacky2 as regular as clockwork (clockmouse) clears the bedside table and spreads everything around the floor, a veritable minefield for bare feet trying to find the light switch in the dark.

The list of natural not allowed behaviour is almost endless, much to our continued amusement, just as the 'Boss' thinks she's winning, it is actually Snacky2 pretending to obey, then 'Wham' Snacky2 bursts into even more non-conformist antics as if saving them up as revenge for behaving for a few hours.

Ralphie the Golden Labrador/Retriever just grins in his unique way and lets the Snacky2 carry on, but Scamp joins in and we see them both playing tag from room to room, result a lot of laughter, plenty of nagging and a well polished floor resulting from 'Emergency' stops as well as tight cornering from them both, bearing in mind Scamp is about 8 times bigger than Snacky2, keeping out of the way of the 'Grand Prix Duo' is a must.

Must dive for cover, the latest 'Grand Prix' has just started.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rodna, Romania - Misty Mountains Published!

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Just Published - NEW Photovideo

Rodna, Romania - Misty Mountains Pt 1

My latest photovideo is of the Mountains overlooking Rodna in Translvania, the photographs were taken in February this year and form the 1st of 4 Photovideos of this wonderful refreshing mountain region. Enjoy your viewing, the other 3 will be following shortly. The Music is played by Dumitru Farcas.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scamp - The Telephone Dog

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Are our domestic pets out evolving us?

What are they going to get up to next I wonder?

Scamp, has this interesting telephone habit, as soon as the telephone rings he heads straight for it and tries to answer it, soon he will succeed and no doubt say 'hello' as well, he already opens doors and windows on his own, he has been known to turn the thermostat up in a coldish room.

After running to the phone he sits listening avidly to the call wagging his tail like crazy and head slightly to one side, then the other as the conversation develops, both ears up working like mini radar dishes.

As the conversation seemingly grabs his attention.Scamp changes position and stands up in his back legs, moving in to hear better placing both front paws on the leg of who ever is using the phone and gets a fuss as well.

Later when a call ends he always has a puzzled look on is his little face. I think he is trying to work out why the last words in the call at this end refer to someone called 'Larry' - (Larry's a darer) La revedera!

Sometimes while eating or chewing a bone, Scamp shows a slight interest in income phone calls, waiting to hear who is calling, but without fail always runs to it as soon as he recognises the voice of the caller.

More about Scamp's Dictionary in a later blog!

Scamp can be emailed at...

A while back, talking cats on Youtube and TV seemed to be able to have very basic conversation skills, others seem to be able to find all sorts of things and people with an ease that makes us look very primitive.

Must fly, new cat in the home and she's not conforming to the bosses rules and regulations of the house, the boss says I must give it a lecture in the Catonese dialect on conforming.

A, B, Catch youlater dear reader!