Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wikipedia Slammed Again! - Why?

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It was necessary to do so. Yes, Wiki has an awful lot going for it and yes it can get much better for all in coming days, months and years.

But, it like all of us as individuals has a long way to go, like you and me, it needs others to help ensure growth in our lives. Interaction is a part of life we need to grow and without interaction from those around us, be they younger or older, naive or not.

Once upon a time, we did not know what was going on in the next village, if we did it was due to another person, who basically decided what we should and should not know. - A form of protection, linked heavily to our primitive past.
Later this awareness knowledge grew and grew, protective tuition grew more as well, but is far more constructive now and better aimed at the good of all.

As the Global village grew due to the Internet, Air Travel, Telecommunications and Other problems that emerged. An interesting effect occurred in all our lives - We are evolving backwards! - Anonymity  is re-emerging, people can say what they like and hide behind a silicon chip, knowing they do not have to back up their words. These people are fine, just slow in growing, scared of what the future holds and not in anyway in the wrong.

Stop and listen to them, they make a lot of sense if you care to see it. Wiki's efforts to do so is excellent, but due to being helped by the people it wants to help is holding usall back.

An historic picture fits nicely here: During the last World War, the Atlantic convoys had a lot of opposition from the Elements as well as the Enemy. The biggest disadvantage was the fact that they could only sail in convoy at the speed of the slowest ship. Needless to say, a safe but battered arrival at the port of destination did happen. Today we have a different form of convoy. Those who know, those who help, those who hang on and those who are slowly learning. We are all evolving in knowledge and experience at the speed of the slowest learners,

Obvious barriers in Wiki emerged and I decided to test them out. I like they am aware of a veritable mountain of knowledge that is untapped - But, the village attitude is still here today a point made by myself to them - Namely deciding what we know and what we are allowed to know, A sizeable part of this mountain of knowledge is hidden by their own search engines and the poor awareness training protocols of the volunteer editors etc.

Wiki and others can help us all grow and evolve, just as we can help Wiki and others grow, but only at the speed of the slowest learner. Too fast we will crash and burn, too slow we will continue to evolve backwards, possibly out evolved by the ant population!

I do not put all the answers here, impossible to do so, I am not filling in all the observed details, that is not for me to do, supply all to all and you will not learn anything, supply enough to cause further questions, then progress is assured, every answer we will ever need is already in our heads. The right question or clue will open a friendly can of worms for further examination.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

(Scamp keeps running to the phone, maybe he will out evolve us? I feel a blog coming on :-)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wikipedia Slammed Again! - Progress!

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Progress is / has been made in a very concrete way. Once nameless editors of Wikipedia had vanished that is, they are very quick to shoot contributors down, but very slow to help, hiding in anonymity. A weak point that needs addressing Wiki, can we see only editors who don't hide in the shadows please Wiki.

Other Points noticed and tested out are...

01: Translators who can not recognise a language or the difference between Bio and Autobio.
Your own language recognition helper is readily available, can we see better awareness for such persons in the coming days please.

02: Your minefield of rules and regulations is a clear 'Arrrgggghhh' to contributors, editors can help here more in many ways if made aware of the common pitfalls, quite a few contributors are unaware of the various National sections available. A language recognition as in MS Word would help such contributors immensely.

03: Though the excellent efforts by Wikipedia to integrate other nations into the Wiki Empire is laudable, it is still a need for detailed effort, allow me to enlarge. The article on Victor Felea is easily found in the English version, but search of the same name does not reveal a Romanian version. Bearing in mind that this very Global Village has nationals of umpteen nations living abroad now-a-days. a cross version search would be very beneficial. As I sit here at my desk and search the English version and My Fiancée sits at her desk and searches the Romanian section, we both fail to find the same results.

04: This is very discouraging to say the least for those who have spent their lives behind oppression and control of Foreign powers or dictatorships as their segregation still feels to them to be continuing. A barrier you can easily lower Wiki.

05: Better awareness training for your Editors is a must Wiki, Translate or else be deleted is not an option that many can use, English as a Mother tongue or Second language is not Global yet, offering an option as and when a native translator at the very least is available would ensure more 'Wonderful' contributions will be added. Cross version entries should be encouraged not blown away and lost forever, this segregation and censorship has got to STOP Wiki.

06:  This Dictatorial attitude is what they are trying to escape, it has killed thousands and enforcing such a rule is ensuring they do not feel at all welcome in western society! Accept both versions on Wikipedia - it will do no harm and will rather than blatantly kill cultural growth, do the opposite, blatantly encourage it! Innocent victims have suffered enough already.

07: Victor Felea is not in any shape or form an unknown writer, with at least 15 published books to his name and many unpublished, due to censorship. Just because he was unknown due to the Iron Curtain is no reason to 'slur' him or any other who fought in words to create a better world, trusting that those who finally lived in a free society would carry on the works they started!

08: What has society in general lost, never to be seen again due to the weakness you have been enforcing? A few made it Western Society to spread their word, many didn't, please stop adding to the list of 'Many who didn't'

Thankyou to all at Wiki who have not hidden themselves especially Dr AJ Schwab & Joe Mabel.

I make no apologies for 'Slamming' Wiki, finding and stressing weak points was a must for the work of Wiki to continue. Their work is a must for the entire Global Village and deserves a slap now and again to keep it on its toes.

Ps Dr AJ Schwabs comment on languages used has been a typo error on his part on yesterdays blog comment - the offending figure should read '255' not '225' as stated.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wikipedia Slammed Again!

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Wikipedia has well and truly got my back up now, like a dog with a bone, I refuse to let go till it has fossilised at the very least! Thousands have died to rid Nations from such Dictator like behaviour.

Read the latest before seeing my Stressed points I have made, correctly implemented they can only improve 'Everybody's Lives'

The following are 'Captures' are direct from Wikipedia, reference links are as shown on the next but one article below this one. (Wikipedia Slammed)

====[[Victor Felea]]====

Victor Felea

The language of this article is unknown. Fbdave (talk) 22:25, 27 March 2008 (UTC)

  • Romanian. Autobio of a non-notable author promoting his books and website. Cbdorsett (talk) 04:40, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

Needtrans | pg = Victor Felea | Language = Romanian | Comments = Fbdave is very ignorant, Language is Romanian, a very notable Romanian writer now deceased, anniversary closely followed here by TV and Radio. The Romanian Writers Union is also involved and it is not self-promotion! A deceased professional writer cannot promote himself as joker Cbdorsett says. It is not an Autobiography either. Your attitude Wiki for promoting racism noted and you cannot blatantly do such, under International law, you are obliged to accept both languages placing him in his rightful Romanian version and the English section as well. Well known enough to be having a 'Plaque' placed above the family home by the Romanian authorities shortly, can this non-descript joker Fbdave or this joker Cbdorsett say the same? I think not, their ignorance will not earn them one!

Refusal to accept the Romanian version was very strong from the beginning, (see blog entry 'Wikipedia Slammed!' below) a detail that is enforced by you on all other languages as well. Shame on you and your so called team of translators ‘Cbdorsett’ does some for you – but can not it seems tell the difference between Biography and Autobiography – This certainly feeds strong doubts as to this ‘Joker’s’ capabilities!

March 2008

Welcome to Wikipedia. Although everyone is welcome to contribute constructively to the encyclopedia, we would like to remind you not to attack other editors, as you did on Wikipedia:Pages needing translation into English. Please comment on the contributions and not the contributors. Take a look at the welcome page to learn more about contributing to this encyclopedia. Thank you. --Metropolitan90 (talk) 07:53, 28 March 2008 (UTC)

I will continue to attack ignorance that attacks the truth!

Exactly who the hell are you Metroplolitan90 hiding and backing up blatant racist behaviour, every fact I put is solid truth, those two jokers are totally ignorant, you call them editors 'What a big big joke' The first was unable to recognise the language and the second was convinced that autobiography was an act a deceased person could do from the grave 'plugging' his website yet the second joker (A translator) is unable to see a birth date and death date in the same paragraph! You like them are totally crackers, stop throwing your naive weight around little boys!

Let me make a few points my little pocket dictators.

01:  Deceased persons cannot write or plug their own works.

02:  Translators know the difference between Autobiography and Biography.

03;  While you were tucked up safely in your little bed with your nappy on these people had nights of terror from the beginning of the dictatorship then Russian Occupation and are still getting over it today!

04:  Your Communist attitude that they have to only communicate on Wiki in English is totally unacceptable (write it in English or be deleted or maybe locked away in your own language so no one outside in the real world can read it). Segregation is not right, it is racist!

05:  This Dictatorial attitude is what they are trying to escape, it has killed thousands and enforcing such a rule is ensuring they do not feel at all welcome in western society!

06:  Wind your neck in and accept both versions on Wikipedia - it will do no harm and will rather than blatantly kill cultural growth, do the opposite, blatantly encourage it!

07:  This dictatorial racism affects every single country that has either been behind the Iron Curtain or is struggling to recover from a dictatorship previously controlling their lives.

08:  No one can grow from anothers experience if they are controlled and oppressed in any shape or form - Your blatant dictatorship has got to stop! Protecting fools to further your stupidity helps no one at all, least of all the innocent victims who have suffered enough already!

09: They Romanians as well as other nations are still reeling in a national  'Past-Traumatic-Shock' stop thinking of your ego for a change, instead think of others first - trust me it is far more rewarding.

10: Victor Felea is not in any shape or form an unknown writer, with at least 15 published books to his name and many unpublished. Just because he was unknown due to the Iron Curtain is no reason to 'slur' him or any other who fought in words to create a better world, trusting that those who finally lived in a free society would carry on the works they started!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Victor Felea - Memorial Photovideo

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A Flood of Silent Memories

A flood of silent memories. Victor Felea passed away 28th March 1993 (15 years ago) and a Memorial Meeting held at the writers union offices here in Cluj-Napoca was well attended by; Family, friends colleagues and associates, many are here in this 'Tribute' Photovideo as usual made entirely of still photographs by myself.

O revărsare de amintiri tăcute. Victor Felea s-a stins la 28 martie 1993, acum 15 ani. La adunarea comemorativă care a avut loc la sediul Uniunii Scriitorilor din Cluj-Napoca au participat membri ai familiei, prieteni, colegi şi colaboratori. Mulţi dintre ei sînt înfăţişaţi în acest clip fotovideo, realizat, ca de obicei, doar din fotografii obişnuite

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wikipedia Slammed!

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Speedy Delete this Wiki!

My first entry was 'Speedy Deleted' as Wiki stated it was a 'Blatant breach of copyright' Tough on you Wiki - my own words translated into Romanian by my Fiancee, Cristina Felea, Daughter of Victor Felea and posted on the Tribute Website set up for him. Shame on you Wiki!

Next, I replaced it with the current entry on Wiki and got this back from the joker who destroys countless entries regularly (see link)

So I obliged, to a certain extent anyway, and posted this on the website in response... after changing my language and re-entering exactly the same article again! Guess what - yes it has been accepted this time, no the refused entry is not in English as instructed and stressed by the Joker who issued the edict to conform or else instructions. Yes the English version will follow in due course, when I'm ready!

For those who are interested, The Memorial meeting held today on the 15th Anniversary of the Death of Victor Felea - Was well attended by; Family, friends, colleagues and associates at the Writers Union Offices here in Cluj-Napoca. Thankyou / Mulţumesc to all who attended in thought word or deed on this historic day.

Tribute Website link...

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Cats + Medication + Blowpipes

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Cats! Wonderful feline friends, or are they? Do we own them, or do they own us. A question that they seem determined to constantly confuse us when ever we try to ask or answer it. When they don't need anything at all they are quite happy to just be there, or there, or there, or even there.

But, when they want something, they certainly let us know and raise merry hell till they get it, (kids ignore that bit, you aren't cats) also when they don't want something or have changed their minds and taste when it comes to food being served to them as well (ignore that bit for the same reason kids). The choice of food for them is immense, maybe they have telepathic connections with professional cat food-tasters at the labs, either way it is a way they show they own us, purring, meowing and other 'I care' noises - then blatantly attacking the prized chippendale furniture to sharpen their claws giving the furniture a 'distressed look' free of charge. But then the table is skillfully turned on us, we make the mistake of telling them off, a bad move by us, they lose their appetite for the 2 dozen cans of food in the larder, several pkts of biscuit, all the treats under the sun brought to pamper them. Result, the ownership of us is enforced again, we lovingly depart to the shops after trying a bit of all 2 dozen cans of cat food (all different flavours) to buy yet more. As for cat, in our absence has raided the bin and eaten nearly of the rejected food - a detail we do not notice till the replacement meal has been partially eaten by the feline manipulator aka Cat!

Now medication is another headache, giving them tablets is sheer fun (hell) they unlike dogs can not be bribed to take a single tablet, no matter how small, it skillfully re-emerges intact as soon as our back is turned - but thereis an answer to this dilemma - a blowpipe! yes it works well thefirm but gentle blast of air, propelling the tablet into thier open mouths is such a surprise to them, that they swallow the tablet before they know it is there, due to the sudden influx of air causing them to swallow. result... Cat 0 v Owner 2 (being the number of tablets dispensed without trouble before they grow wise to this method.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mental Block? aka Writers Block!

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Never had a mental block or schedule to keep? Never wanted to do something and never got around to starting let finished something? Always wanted to but do not know how? Then clearly you are from another Planet, so all below clearly does not apply to you!

Symptom - You have chosen or been assigned a topic which bores you...

Possible Cures

  • Choose a particular aspect of the topic you are interested in (if the situation will allow it or if the goal can be adjusted and is not given to you specifically, or if the project coordinator allows it).
  • Talk to a tutor about how you can personalize a topic to make it more interesting.

Symptom - You don't want to waste time writing or don't understand the assignment...

Possible Cures

  • Resign yourself to the fact that you have to complete the task.
  • Find out what is expected of you (consult a teacher, textbook, student, tutor, or project coordinator).
  • Look at some of the strategies for anxiety listed below.
  • The past has gone, the present is here now, the future is never, so enjoy the present make it game or add a rhythm to the project in hand

Symptom - You are anxious about writing your plans down on paper...

Possible Cures

  • Focus your energy by rehearsing the task in your head.
  • Consciously stop the non-productive comments running through your head by replacing them with productive ones.
  • If you have some "rituals" for writing (chewing gum, listening to jazz etc.), use them.

Symptom - You are so stressed you can't seem to put a word on the page...

Possible Cures

  • Stretch! If you can't stand, stretch as many muscle groups as possible while staying seated.
  • Try tensing and releasing muscle groups. Starting from your toes, tense up for perhaps five to ten seconds and then let go. Relax and then move on to another muscle group.
  • Breathe deeply. Close your eyes; then, fill your chest cavity slowly by taking four of five short deep breaths. Hold each breath until it hurts, and then let it out slowly.
  • Use a calming word or mental image to focus on while relaxing. If you choose a word, be careful not to use an imperative. Don't instruct yourself to "Calm down!" or "Relax!"

Symptom - You're self-conscious about your writing, you may have trouble getting started. So, if you're preoccupied with the idea that you have to write about a subject and feel you probably won't express yourself well...

Possible Cures

  • Talk over the subject with a friend or tutor.
  • Assure yourself that the initial draft doesn't have to be a work of genius, it is something to work with.
  • Force yourself to write down something, however poorly worded, that matches your thought (you can revise this later) and go on with the next idea.
  • Break the task up into steps. Meet the general purpose first, and then flesh out the more specific aspects later.
A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucky Us - Microsoft Do Not Make Cars!

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Dug this up from my archives. this is what we could have had if Microsoft 'Did' make cars...

01. The radio would be computerized, but you'd need to install 64 Meg of RAM, and type C:\radio\talk\rush*.* to get it to play. you would also need a new sound card, a game card, a new video driver, a CD drive, a...................

02. The entire engine wouldn't be in the bay at once, and the car would have to keep stopping and starting to load in the relevant parts.

03. The speedometer would read 70 even though you are only doing 50.

04. You would have to have a full service every 500 miles.

05. Your car would refuse to start with a message "Abort, Retry, Fail?"

06. For some reason the engine controller would need a 1G hard disc and would take 5 minutes to boot up.

07. The steering wheel would be replaced with a mouse and you'd need to memorize the keyboard short-cut for "Brake". The ignition key would be a password you never remember.

08. A particular model year wouldn't be available until after that year- instead of before it.

09. They wouldn't build their own engines but form a cartel with their engine supplier. The latest engine would have 16 cylinders, multi-point fuel injection and 4 turbos, but it would be a side-valve design so you could use Model-T Ford parts on it. There would be a bigger turbo version, but it would be slower on most existing roads.

10. The air bag system would say "Are you sure?" before going off.

11. New seats would require everyone to have the same butt size.

12. We would all have to switch to Microsoft Gas.

13. Governments around the world would be forced to rebuild all of the roads for Microsoft cars; they will drive on the old roads, but they run very slowly.

14. The oil, alternator, gas and engine warning lights would be replaced by a single 'General Car Fault' warning light.

15. You would be constantly pressured to upgrade your car.

16. You could have only one person in the car at a time, unless you bought a CarXP or CarVista --- but then you would have to buy ten more seats and a new engine.

17. Occasionally, your car would die for NO apparent reason and you would have to restart it. Strangely, you would just accept this as normal.

18. Occasionally, executing a maneuver would cause your car to stop and fail to restart and you'd have to re-install the engine. For some strange reason, you'd just accept this, too.

19. Every time the lines of the road were repainted, you would have to buy a new car.

20. People would get excited about the new features of the latest Microsoft cars, forgetting that these same features had been available from other car makers for years.

Happy motoring, it could have been worse  :-)

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Fool With Their Name In Email Address

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So you know Junk email when you see it do you?

Here is a sample to show you what is what.

Note the senders address, a rubber email, return email will either bounce or be re-routed seamlessly to who-knows-where, the terrible terrible English, lack of spaces, rotten grammar, even worse punctuation. Some you will even see UK phone numbers - forget them every single one will be re-routed seamlessly to another country.

As for your stupidity in using your name in an email address, please stop it, you leave yourself wide open to such scams, instantly scanning your pirate OS, made easier by the backtracking of said emails being opened just once, they don't have to rely on you opening a second one.

Be safe not sorry, grow up not down blaming the innocent for your stupidity.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Get paid, be a Critic, not broke as a Joke.


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blog network

Amazingly it is the armchair critics that set me of on a hunt to find a solution to their stupid 'I know it all' attitude, readily shooting their mouths off about a matter they know little if anything about, listening to gossip and other self-centered individuals.

So I thought about these sad souls who know only how to winge and get an audience of poor people, who know very little to hero worship the tough guy that obviously knows it all.

Problem is, these tough guys seldom make themselves known, hiding in the shadows refusing to reveal their true identities, unlike the victim of their stupidity who does not hide from the World. So motor-mouths, here is my challenge...

Put your motor-mouth to good use, click the link above and speak out loud instead of wingeing in the back ground, get paid to winge to all, stop being a narrow minded fool, earn as you learn to be a credit to yourself rather than a life long fool getting nowhere at all.

Each succesful posting will pay you $7.50 that is every time not just once. Develop and grow a pride in yourself, learn respect not only for others, but more importantly for yourself, you can do it, hiding your head in the sand like an Ostrich will only accelerate the day arriving when you find yourself alone, friendless and very very no-one at all, I don't want that - neither do you.

As for your earnings from being a critic with a face, spend wisely, not as if money is endless, your life will improve, only if you want it to, never if you inflict your stupidity on others.

Go on click the link, get paid to voice your opinion, you only have your life to lose.

While you are at it you can gain some real friends as well, I have since (a) starting blogging and(b) since joining PPP - PayPerPost -no-one is an island, no-one can hide from the world and still live a life untouched by others, there are 1000s who will meet you in your life, many will be with you for years to come, welcome to the real world my friend.

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekends Are Far Toooooooo Short - Pt 2

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Ok, Who decides that you should put the world on hold, be content with all the nothing around you, tells you to inflict your artificial self on others who are trying to improve their lot not only for themselves, but you as well?

You do, telling all that your little ivory tower is perfect.

Who tells you that once you have all you want, that you can treat others like dirt, just because they have a very valid opinion that you refuse to consider, how dare they have a more up to date observation that can give a better life for all?

You do, telling all that your little ivory tower is perfect.

Who tells you that by doing nothing to improve your lot, that you are justified in ripping off your own family and attempting to do the same with now absent friends, making sure you empty their pockets, control and bully them and stop their lives from happening?

You do, telling all that your little ivory tower is perfect and won't topple whilst bullying others to obey your dominating lifestyle, the victims follow blindly in love and care for you, something you refuse to see as you daily kill them with your greed.

Who told you that change for the better, not only yourself but others as well, is a capital offence and should be severly enforced as a no-no. To kill the living so that you do not suffer the agonies of genuine happiness?

You do, telling all that your little ivory tower is perfect!

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Weekends Are Far Toooooooo Short

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In these days of 24/7 Food / Drink / Television / Bills / Ulcers / Leisure / Work / Life?

Ahh, getting somewhere now... Life! or is it? It seems to have stopped for so many of us these days.

Question is... Did it ever start for many of you out there?

Or... When did it stop or cease to be one?

To be continued (hopefully)

A, B, Catch you later dear reader!